Spring 2016 Issue 2

valentineGreetings Colleagues,
Happy New Year! We hope that 2016 will bring good health and prosperity to you and members of your family. The New Year provides an opportunity to reflect on the past while planning for the future. So it is with CIMPAD.

We are beginning a new tradition by offering a US conference this year. On the historic campus of Howard University, participants will convene to discuss opportunities for building sustainable partnerships with CIMPAD in Africa. We are expecting up to 100 individuals from around the country and a few from the continent of Africa. We are also inviting various governmental representatives from USAID, HHS and private agencies to share the CIMPAD story and opportunities to partner. The meeting will provide a wonderful venue for faculty, students and practitioners to present papers and discuss proposed models for collaborating.

There are many exciting prospects for CIMPAD to provide technical assistance, facilitate information and talent exchange and contribute overall in a global context. As a non-partisan, 501 C3 non-profit professional association of organizations and institutions, we have the unique opportunity to build on our mission by forging collaborative professional relationships among the public, the non-profit and the private. As a result, we can promote and strengthen leadership and management for sustainable development of communities. Given Howard University’s legacy of international work and the role the university has played in international development in Africa, it is appropriate to hold this meeting on the campus.

We are also planning the 2017 conference. The proposed host country is Ethiopia. CIMPAD President Elect Berhanu Mengistu is making the essential preparations. We hope to share more details in our next newsletter.

Please join us in Washington this summer and become active in our strategic planning process as we build on this new tradition. Please stay tuned to our website, for further information.

Peggy Valentine

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