Since the decision was made to hold biennial conferences, locations have been chosen for their significance in the context of freedom for Africa.

South Africa, site of the first conference, was the most recent country in 1995 to gain it's political independence. Ghana, site of the second conference, was the first Sub-Saharan African country to be liberated from colonial bondage. Through collaborative partnerships, research, and committed effort, participants in CIMPAD conferences are helping to generate a new set of resources for achieving sustainable community development. Papers presented are published and widely distributed in Africa and abroad. Multinational working groups are addressing pertinent issues identified in caucus, panel, workshop and plenary sessions. A definitive organizational structure has also emerged for coordinating current and future conferences and other activities.

The context and vision guiding the development of program activities make it clear that the Consortium for International Management, Policy, Administration and Development (CIMPAD) is not just another international conference. Transcending the vision and program activities are African, American, and other public service professionals committed to providing citizens with resources for the sustainable development of their communities and the enhancement of their quality of life. Special emphasis in all program activities is placed on strengthening and promoting sustainable development of communities in the global context.