Consortium for International Management, Policy & Development
Tenth International Conference

Livingstone, Zambia

June 23-26, 2015
Chrismar Hotel, Livingstone, Zambia

Ideals and Practice of Good Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa

Conference Mission
The mission of this CIMPAD Conference was to strengthen and promote public sector leadership in sustainable development of communities. This mission was achieved via the exchange of research and knowledge, ideas and proposals, experiences and best practices among public/private professionals, NGO’s and academicians.

Conference Focus
The Conference focus was effective governance in Sub-Saharan Africa. At the theoretical level, we  explored the challenges and issues related to building effective and efficient governmental and nongovernmental institutions. At the practical level, the conference  provided information about the application of best practices in pursuit of effective governance in an African context.

Plenary Sessions

  1. Measuring and monitoring governance
  2. Strengthening governance through collaborative partnerships to address national and global problems
  3. Discussion of the government’s efforts to improve public health in Namibia

Preliminary Schedule of Events

June 23-27, 2015
  • JUNE 19
    (Pre-conference in Lusaka)
    Development of Successful Customer Service Culture
  • JUNE 25
    Community Service Day
  • JUNE 21
    City Tour and Victoria Falls
    Livingstone , Welcome Reception
  • JUNE 26
    Youth Conference
  • JUNE 22-24
    Plenary, panel and workshop sessions each day from
    8:00 am to 4 pm.
  • JUNE 27
    Groups 1 and 2 – Depart for USA in afternoon

Call for Papers And Panels

Paper Presentations and Master Classes

Paper Presentations and Master classes

LeadershipDecentralization, civil service reform and the challenges for local governance
Performance ManagementGender and youth development and empowerment, social inclusivity and effective governance
Information ManagementResponsive governance through technology, e-governance, improved infrastructure and transportation
Financial ManagementNatural resources, mining, food security, self-sufficiency and disaster preparedness
and management
Strategic Planning for OrganizationsGovernance, non-governmental organizations, community organizing and local government and planning
Human Resource/Talent ManagementHealth, poverty, education and public policy, business, entrepreneurship and trade, human resource/talent management

Citizen involvement, democracy, peace and human rights as components of
effective governance

Cultural Exchange (expression of working together through the arts)