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Rwandan Entrepreneurship Sponsorship Package

Donate by May 30th, 2024

CIMPAD 13th International Conference

Rwandan Entrepreneurship Sponsorship Package

Up to 50 percent of the Rwandan population is under the age of 20 years and only 30 percent of Rwandan businesses are owned by women. As we offer opportunity for youth to become entrepreneurs, they will create jobs, bring communities together and inspire others to be successful. Conference sponsorship will support 200 local Rwandans to attend the conference where they will gain valuable information on entrepreneurship, that will change the lives of themselves, their families and their communities. We invite you, as a leading organization with the reputation of giving back to support this worthy cause.

2024 CIMPAD Conference Rwanda Sponsorship

Dr. Harvey L. White Legacy Fund


The mission of the Dr. Harvey L. White Legacy Fund is to facilitate career development opportunities for students and young professionals by providing support for a diverse range of initiatives. These include participation in both domestic and international conferences, engagement in development projects in Africa, and involvement in diaspora-related activities.

The primary goal of the fund is to honor Dr. White’s legacy of fostering growth and development opportunities for his students and mentees. Additionally, the fund serves as a platform for individuals who have benefited from Dr. White’s guidance and to continue his legacy by contributing resources to empower future generations of students and young scholars to achieve their career aspirations.

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