Consortium for International Management, Policy & Development
Constitution & By-Laws



  1. To develop professional working relationships among public/nonprofit/private sector managers and academicians in Africa, the United States and around the world, by convening joint international conferences to advance skills and knowledge of participants; and to promote partnerships and networks;
  2. To generate dialogue on issues relating to public policy, public participation, environment, technology, women and development, urbanization, decentralization, business development and globalization, management capacity building, and to assess the implications for Africa’s development efforts;
  3. To discuss issues related to governance and democracy, rule of law, conflict resolution, foreign aid, social equity and related topics of importance to Africa and the global community;
  4. To explore possibilities and resulting impacts of adopting exogenous policies on various African countries in the economic, business, political, academic and social arenas; and
  5. To inspire professional managers in various countries across several continents to work cooperatively in enhancing accountability, transparency and ethical provision of public and private goods and services.
  6. To promote, support and cause, varied educational opportunities for the continued improvement and development in the core competencies of leadership effectiveness, public policy administration and program evaluation, to ensure quality services to the public.

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