Consortium for International Management, Policy & Development

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2014- 2019

Consortium for International Management, Policy and Development
Executive Summary, Strategic Plan 2014- 2019

The Consortium for International Management, Policy, Administration and Development (CIMPAD) is a non-partisan, non-profit association that include academicians, practitioners, students and others. Its founding was precipitated by the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Since its founding in 1995, the organization has established linkages between African and American public service professionals in nine countries on the continent of Africa. As we enter the second decade of the organization’s history, it is prudent to develop a strategic plan to guide outcomes for the next five years. Herein is an executive summary of the strategic plan.

CIMPAD Mission Statement:

The CIMPAD mission is to strengthen and promote public sector leadership and management in the sustainable development of communities throughout the African Diaspora. This mission is achieved via the exchange of research and knowledge, ideas and proposals, experiences, and best practices among public/private professionals, NGOs and academicians.

Core Values:

  • Networking in making personal and organizational relationships.
  • Exchanges of practitioners, academicians and student in the areas of public management, public finance, public policy, economic development, leadership development and peace-making.
  • Good Governance Promoting the highest Ideals of honor and integrity, and ethical professional management
  • Sharing Technical skills, expertise and education to benefit others.
  • Conflict Resolution Skills and public health.

Information exchange and knowledge sharing/transfer

  • Promote Good Leadership/Sustainability in Africa
  • Promote Honest/Real perspectives of African governance
  • Incorporate best practices where feasible as a result of the mutual knowledge sharing and exchanges

Organizational Values

Productivity, Effectiveness, Aid in Capacity Building and Human Development
Community Engagement

CIMPAD Goals for 2014 – 2019

  1. Contribute to the global conversation on public administration management and policy development through conferences and networking with other organizations that promote quality of life.
  2. Facilitate information and talent exchange through published proceedings of conferences and promoting organizational exchange of faculty, students and practitioners
  3. Market the organization through educating students on the CIMPAD story
  4. Assure organizational sustainability for years to come