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Meet CIMPAD’s 2nd Vice President, Professor Address Malata

Meet CIMPAD’s 2nd Vice President, Professor Address Malata

The Malawi conference was a great success because of the support from Professor Address Malata and her team. Professor Malata is the Vice Chancellor of the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST), a position that she has held for five years. She became the 2nd Vice President of CIMPAD on July 22, 2022.

As an outstanding leader, she is the first woman to lead a major university in Malawi. She spearheaded the development and implementation of various Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in the fields of Health, Science, Innovation and Technology. Under her leadership, capacity building for faculty and other staff has been supported and MUST is a beautiful shining star among African universities. Her research work has focused on sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, and health workforce development.

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President Biden Announces Appointments to Federal Salary Council

President Joe Biden announces his intent to appoint our own Stephen Emerson Condrey as Member and Chair, Federal Salary Council.

Stephen Emerson Condrey is President of Condrey and Associates, Inc., a human resources consulting firm specializing in compensation systems for state and local governments. In his forty years of experience, Condrey has consulted with over 800 organizations nationally and internationally and served as President Obama’s Federal Salary Council Chair from 2010 to 2017.

He has authored or co-authored numerous scholarly articles and is the editor of the Handbook of Human Resource Management in Government (3rd edition) as well as the co-editor of Public Administration in Post-Communist Countries.