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Mtisunge Banda
Strengthening community health

Mtisunge Banda

Nutritionist, Registered Dietician, and MBS Certified Food Processor

Mtisunge is a nutritionist with close to 10 years working in the field of food and nutrition. He has extensive experience working in nutrition-related programmes both from public and private sector in Malawi and Kenya. He holds a Msc. in Human Nutrition and very passionate about reducing food wastage through value addition and processing in the fruit and vegetable value chain which reaches 70% in some Malawian districts.

Project Background

Freshly squeezed business idea brings nutrients for Malawian mothers
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Strengthening community health including comorbidity patients, mothers and child by providing free nutritious dense juice ($1000): Provision of nutrient dense juice to mothers, children and community. The targeted population are children, pregnant and lactating mothers.  The provision of nutritional dense food as our juice is expected to boost immunity resulting in healthier community and lower health care utilization. Provision of nutrient dense juice to comorbidity tuberculosis and HIV and AIDS patients. The target population are TB and HIV/AIDS clinics. Nutrient supplementation improves antimicrobial and natural killer cell activities (Wintergerst, 2005) and improving prognosis outcomes of TB and HIV/AIDS for patients.

The Malawi has one of the highest TB burdens in the world, with estimated notification rates of 451/100,000 among adults (15 years or older) reported by the national tuberculosis programme (2014). Therefore, interventions to boost immunity of this patients through the provision of nutritious juice could save lives, reduce the transmissions and improving prognosis outcomes of tuberculosis, prevent wasting associated with HIV/AIDS, and COVID-19 patients. Fresh juice without additives made from whole fruits, will be given free of charge weekly at the Maternal and Child clinics, Tuberculosis, HIV and AIDS clinics providing 40litres of Juice weekly for 6 months.