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Arthuretta Martin

Arthuretta Martin is the former Deputy Director of the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business at the Department of Health and Human Services. She is also a former Senior Professional Staff on the House Committee of Homeland Security. She is a subject matter expert in the field of Federal Acquisition Management. She is the principal and primary consultant for Federal Agencies and small business owners through her firm Federal Acquisition Plus. She is a tireless advocate for black economic development. Ms. Martin holds a bachelor’s degree in public administration from James Madison University, a master’s degree in management from Florida Institute of Technology. She continued post graduate work in public policy and communication at George Mason University.

She is a Certified Federal Contracts Manager through the National Contract Management Association, Distinguished Toastmaster through Toastmaster’s International and a member of the National Speaker’s Association. She is currently conducting research on the framers of civil rights era legislation. Ms. Martin is the Youth Leadership Coordinator for District 29, Toastmaster’s International. She is on the editorial board of the American Society of Public Administration’s monthly publication. A member of the Conference of Minority Public Administrators and a member of the Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce. In addition to her work in public administration Ms. Martin is a professional storyteller and vocalist specializing in Black history, folklore, stories, and spirituals. She has performed in venues throughout the Washington Metro area including the Kennedy Center, Strathmore Center for Performing Arts, and the White House with the Howard University Rankin Chapel.