Consortium for International Management, Policy & Development
Kigali, Rwanda, Eastern Africa
June 23-27, 2024
Call For Papers
2024 Conference

“Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development”

Submit a 350-word abstract by March 30th, 2024

Abstracts should be sent to [email protected]

The Consortium for International Management Policy and Development (CIMPAD) in collaboration with Rwandan Host Universities: University of Rwanda (UR), East African University Rwanda (EAUR) & Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA) are pleased to announce the 13th International conference that will be held at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village (KCEV) in Rwanda from June 23-27, 2024.

The 13th Conference to be held in Kigali will offer a platform for participants to showcase cutting-edge research, innovative ideas, and best practices in Entrepreneurship Policy and Good Governance for Sustainable Development. Presentations will cover diverse topics related to entrepreneurship, public policy, good governance, business strategies, public finance, education, gender issues, and arts.

The conference will be enriching the blended experiences of academia, culture, and with emphasis on significant historical milestones. As result, participants will have the opportunity to immerse in the vibrant local culture, experience the positivity of the region’s history, and receive warm hospitality.

General Objective:

The primary goal of this conference is to create a platform of entrepreneurs, policymakers, government officials, NGOs, and stakeholders for exploring global challenges and opportunities in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and lesson to learn, in Rwanda, African and beyond. The conference will focus on promoting entrepreneurship as a powerful driving tool of economic development, with special emphasis on empowering youth and women entrepreneurs.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Facilitate knowledge exchange between stakeholders, entrepreneurial network in order to foster innovative and sustainable business practices in both public and private.
  2. Discuss policies and frameworks that encourage entrepreneurship and create an enabling environment for startups and small businesses.
  3. Explore strategies to enhance access to finance and mentorship opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  4. Analyze the role of public policies in promoting entrepreneurship and its impact on peacemaking, public health, education, and good governance.
  5. Empower and support youth and women-owned enterprises to contribute significantly to economic growth.


The Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the 13th, International conference which will hold in Kigali specifically in Kigali Convention and Exhibition Village (KCEV) from June 23-27, 2024. Interested participants to the conference (Researchers and Sponsors) are warmly welcomed to present their paper and share their business lived experiences related the conference themes and tracks listed below.

Interested researchers will submit their abstracts which length will vary between 350 to 500 words through [email protected]. The relevance of the research topics will be dependent to their relationship with at least one of the proposed tracks. Researchers are therefore invited to share their insight through conference paper presentations

Track 1: Innovation and Sustainable Business Practices

  1. Promoting Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Best Practices and Case Studies.
  2. Green Entrepreneurship: Environmental Impact and Business Opportunities.
  3. Circular Economy in Africa: Transforming Waste into Business Ventures.
  4. Technology for Social Impact: How Startups are Solving Africa’s Social Challenges.
  5. Sustainable Supply Chains: Fostering Responsible Business Practices.

Track 2: Policy and Governance for Entrepreneurship

  1. Entrepreneurship Policies and Economic Development.
  2. Regulatory Reforms for a Vibrant Startup Ecosystem: Lessons from Successful Nations.
  3. Government Incentives and Support Programs for Small Businesses and Startups.
  4. Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights to Encourage Innovation.
  5. Promoting Entrepreneurship in Conflict-Affected Regions: Challenges and Opportunities.

Track 3: Access to Finance and Mentorship

  1. Innovative Financing Models for African Startups: Crowdfunding, Microfinance, and Beyond.
  2. Venture Capital in Africa: Bridging the Funding Gap for High-Growth Startups.
  3. Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Financial Inclusion and Gender-Sensitive Funding.
  4. Accelerating Entrepreneurship: The Role of Business Incubators and Accelerators.
  5. Mentorship and Coaching for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Building a Supportive Ecosystem.

Track 4: Entrepreneurship and Public Policy

  1. Entrepreneurial Approaches to Public Health Challenges.
  2. Education and Entrepreneurship: Fostering Innovation and Skill Development.
  3. Startups for Good Governance: Leveraging Technology for Transparent Governance.
  4.  Peacebuilding through Entrepreneurship: Contributions to Conflict Resolution.
  5. Role of Entrepreneurship in Addressing Inequality and Promoting Social Inclusion.

Track 5: Entrepreneurship and Education, Culture and Gender

  1. Entrepreneurial Approaches in fostering innovative Education.
  2. Entrepreneurial Approaches and Women.
  3. Entrepreneurial Approaches in Music and Arts.
  4. Entrepreneurial opportunities in Leisure, Tourism, and Hotel Management.
  5. Entrepreneurship opportunities in advancing healthcare.

Participants are encouraged to submit abstracts of 350 to 500 words, focusing on any of the conference track themes or a combination thereof. Abstract submissions should be made through [email protected].

Questions or Concerns
For any further inquiries, delegates can reach out to Dr. Leslee Battle, Chair of the US planning committee, or Rwandan Review Committee headed by Dr. Gamariel Mboniman at [email protected]



  1. Header paper of 13th International conference
  2. Title of the researcher article with a maximum of 18 words
  3. Author’s name
  4. Affiliation institution
  5. Contact email
  6. Abstract of 350-500 words
  7. Abstract will cover the background, purpose, methods and it should be aligned with at least one of the proposed tracks and themes.

Full Paper:

  1. Only those whose abstracts will have been accepted will write full papers
  2. The full paper will include the title page of maximum 18 words, authors’ name, affiliation institution, abstract that includes five key words
  3. Paper text of 4500-6000 words
  4. 1.5 space inches
  5. Font of Times new roman and 12 inches
  6. Writing style: APA 7th edition
  7. References


The reference style required for submission is strictly APA 7th Edition


Authors are required to follow this style specification consistently.


  • Submission of Abstract: 30th March 2024
  • Feedback on Abstract: 1st March 2024
  • Full paper Submission: 30th April 2024
  • Feedback on Full Paper: 8th May 2024

Members of CIMPAD Conference Program Steering Committee (USA)

  1. Dr. Leslee Battle, Conference Planning Committee Chair, and Dean, Winston-Salem State University
  2. Dr. Berhanu Mengistu, CIMPAD Vice President and Professor Emeritus, Old Dominion University
  3. Dr. Peggy Valentine, CIMPAD President and Conference Chair, and VP of Allied Health Education, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  4. Mr. John Saunders, CIMPAD Treasurer and Managing Director, JDF Consulting, LLC
  5. Dr. Esther J. Langston, CIMPAD COO and Professor Emeritus, University of Nevada Las Vegas
  6. Dr. Yvonne Magee, 2022 Conference Chair, Professor, Bowie State University
  7. Dr. Kendra Brumfield-NaWangna, Board Member
  8. Dr. Aziza Zemrani, Board Member, Associate Professor, University of Texas Pan American
  9. Rev. Guila Cooper, Director of Alumni Relations & Development, Winston-Salem State University
  10. Mr. Clifford Sukari Sykes, Music & Entertainment Consultant

Members of Rwandan Conference Program Steering Committee

  1. Prof. Kabera Callixte , Vice Chancellor East African University Rwanda
  2. Dr. Enock Nyisingize, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics and Research at East African University Rwanda
  3. Mr. Peter Kasaija , Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration and Finance at East African University Rwanda
  4. Dr. Gamariel Mbonimana, Director of Research, Consultancy and Innovation at East African University Rwanda
  5. Prof. Jacques Kayishema, Director of Research at Adventist University of Central Africa
  6. Mr. Mbonaruza Ferdinand, Director of Communications and Marketing at Adventist University of Central Africa
  7. Nicole Jabo, Advisor of the Minister of Health in Rwanda
  8. Dr. Mukulira Olivier, Managing Director of Rwanda institute of Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship and Microfinance (RICEM)
  9. Ruth Madl, Country Director of German Sparkassenstiftung Eastern Africa( DSIK)
  10. Mr. Gatete Leonidas, Rwanda Convention Bureau (RCB)
  11. Dr. Joseph Nkurunziza, Pricipal of the University of Rwanda-College of Business and Economics (CBE)
  12. Mr. Pascal Nyiringabo, an Assistant Lecturer and Head of Grid Innovation and Incubation Hub at University of Rwanda
  13. Dr. Benjamin Mudaheranwa, a Lecturer in the College of University of Rwanda- College of Business and Economics

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