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Pauline Lambou

Pauline Lambou was born raised in Cameroon in Central Africa. she is a woman rights activist and feminist passionate about disabilities rights, women entrepreneurship and leadership, inclusive education, development, equity, inclusive society and Governance in Africa.

As a bilingual Special Education Teacher, she is currently working with the Ministry of Secondary Education of Cameroon. She has experience working on gender issues as a consultant in women’s organizations and councils for local governance.

She is a member of the post-2015 women Coalition, a member of the Women–Major Group that was created as one of the nine major groups after the 1992 UN conference on the environment and development held in Rio. She also works with the Women’s Partners Constituent Group (WPCG) that was created as one of the 14 Partner Constituent Groups (PCGs) of the General Assembly of Partners (GAP) which incorporates the nine major groups, the Habitat Agenda partners, and others. Chair and Co-Chair were selected during the PrepCom2 in Nairobi in April 2015 and serves as Organizing Partners (OPs). The WPCG serves as a collaborative space for advocacy by bringing together a collective women’s voice, policy recommendations, and the concerns and priorities of women and women’s organizations, along the entire spectrum of diversity and the life cycle, regarding urban policies and sustainable urbanization in the HABITAT III processes. Chaired by the Huairou Commission: Women, Homes & Community and Co-Chaired by AFEM (Association Femmes Europe Méridionale). All this are networked voluntary initiatives for SDG 2030.

She holds a BA on bilingual studies and BA in Special Education Studies from Yaoundé University of Cameroon and Pen-School of Education in Parternership with CEFED-Santa. Aside CIMPAD Pauline is the interim deputy Secretary of Africa society of Public Administration, International Observer at Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption, Africa Forest Forum AFF, CT/ISO International for Standard and Quality Agency as civil society, Medias and stakeholder strategist of Leading Women of Africa-LWA couple with coordination of LWA Cameroon.

Founder of Fondation Espoir et Vie FESVIE, an inclusive complex for children with disabilities and normal children for Education for all, founder of Women for Leadership and entrepreneurship forum – WOLEF, co-founder of the Network of women fighting Against Corruption for Transparency.