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CIMPAD Youth Entrepreneurship
and Innovation

CIMPAD Youth Entrepreneurship
and Innovation

CIMPAD Youth Entrepreneurship
and Innovation

Youth Award Highlights

Welcome to the Youth Award Highlights page.  This page features the  entrepreneurship awardees and the list of sponsors and committee members.

The photo shows David Young, US Ambassador to Malawi attends CIMPAD Conference and speaks on US initiatives there. In this photo, he is joined by Peggy Valentine, CIMPAD President, Harvey White, CIMPAD Founder, and 10 entrepreneurship finalists of Malawi.


Sponsors, Donors and Supporters

Sponsors – $500 and above:

  1. Conference of Minority Public Administrators
  2. University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
  3. Black Cops Against Police Brutality (B-CAP)
  4. The Family Support Organization of Union County’s Youth Partnership Program
  5. Dr. Yvonne Magee
  6. Dr. Harvey L. White

Donors-$100- $499:

  1. Dr. Noela Mogga
  2. Dr. James Agbodzakey
  3. Bo Da Goodfella
  4. Dr. Theodore (Ted) Davis
  5. Dr. Velma Scantlebury
  6. Dr. David Bell
  7. Kendra and Emanuel NaWangna
  8. Dr. Esther Langston
  9. Dr. Berhanu Mengistu

Supporters $1-99:

  1. JB Redding
  2. Renee Palmore Beaman
  3. Aisha N. White
  4. Kevin Coleman
  5. Sharrie D’andrea Cranford
  6. Deborah Flateman
  7. Dawn Close
  8. Anthony Slack
  9. Dr. Peggy Valentine

Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award Committee

  • Chester Thompson
  • David Bell
  • Doreen Myrie
  • Ella Kangaude-Nkata
  • Harvey White
  • Kendra Brumfield-NaWangna
  • Mercy Chikwemba
  • Richard Chilipa
  • Wongani Langa
  • Clifford “Sunkaru” Sykes

Honorary Members:

  • Address Malata
  • David Mkwambisi